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Entire Wiki in your EBook Reader

From time to time I find myself in a need to learn some new programming language or some new program/fs/feature. Now this thing is straight forward mostly РFind a good book on the subject and sit your ass down and read all about it. But alas! Some of the program I need to work with does not have a book on them, Moreover there are some good free guides and wikis out there for programming languages and programs.
The problem with these sites is that you will need an internet connection and a browser

Some time back I’ve needed to learn about LVM and BTRFS over a weekend and found some good guides for that. Yet the guides where online and I didn’t want my tablet or laptop with for the weekend while travelling.
I thought to myself – I have a small kindle with me and it’s been faithful these past years in reading all kinds of books – What about reading Wiki/Guide with my kindle?¬†Continue reading Entire Wiki in your EBook Reader