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How much power my PC actually take – or – Why My Electricity Bill is so HUGE??

Like most people living in this new era my house have a large amount of electronics devices and as an IT guy I have about 5 computers (Laptops, PC etc) and 3 mobile devices.

I want to  tell you about one device particularly Рmy main home server. Few years ago I bought a small server called HP Microserver Рlow utilization and effective as basic linux server along side a good storage server (with raid).
Like most of my computer geek friends this PC was turned on day in and day out – just like every other PC I had before I just left it on – and it didn’t matter if it actually did something or not (and yes it did nothing most of the time).

A few months ago the little server went down and wouldn’t come out. When I’ve looked into it I’ve found out that it’s Power Supply was down.
And it took me about 3 months to fix that, why? Due to the fact that this Power Supply Unit was a unique one. It fitted directly inside it’s small case and was only 120W so it was not only less costly electricity wise it was also extremely expensive.

After 3 months I’ve found a cheap solution using a regular Power Supply (the 450W very cheap ones) with some of my modification.
But what I found in these 3 months was even more interesting: Continue reading How much power my PC actually take – or – Why My Electricity Bill is so HUGE??

Cozi – Arrange your family and household tasks and lists

As a very busy person I handle a lot of task lists.
For example:

  • Home tasks: I set the grocery lists on my refrigerator.
  • Personal Tasks: I handle immediate tasks with Any.Do and long term tasks with Evernote (Mainly lists of what to watch and play).
  • At work: I use notebook for immediate tasks (nothing is better then marking out done task by crossing it with a pen), using¬† Jira to manage my work tasks and Wrike to manage large scale projects.

So you see I use a lot of different software and ways to manage my tasks. I believe that most of you (mainly the people who are short in time) find your own way to handle the tasks. Continue reading Cozi – Arrange your family and household tasks and lists

Google Drive – Where all my free space gone?

Few years ago after several critical storage catastrophes (that fortunately ended with no data lost) I’ve decides to move my most important files to the cloud (mainly my and my family photos)

After checking several cloud storage providers I’ve decided on Google (back then I think drive was non existent or at beta) to backup all my pictures to Picasa.
The plan was very good: Legacy Plan 80G for 20$ a year – for something with the features of the drive and more this price is very good.
After Google Drive was working on my desktop I’ve deserted Picasa as my photos backup and just save the directory to my Google Drive (I like to sort things my own way).

A few days ago I’ve added bunch of files to my drive and got an error: The space almost run out!
I was puzzled why no storage available – my drive isn’t 80G nor my mail or Picasa should be large enough.

Continue reading Google Drive – Where all my free space gone?