Cozi – Arrange your family and household tasks and lists

As a very busy person I handle a lot of task lists.
For example:

  • Home tasks: I set the grocery lists on my refrigerator.
  • Personal Tasks: I handle immediate tasks with Any.Do and long term tasks with Evernote (Mainly lists of what to watch and play).
  • At work: I use notebook for immediate tasks (nothing is better then marking out done task by crossing it with a pen), using  Jira to manage my work tasks and Wrike to manage large scale projects.

So you see I use a lot of different software and ways to manage my tasks. I believe that most of you (mainly the people who are short in time) find your own way to handle the tasks.

The household tasks are the ones I don’t pay that much of attention to, and that is a mistake. Moreover there is no one who will hassle me when I forget to do stuff (mostly because we forget about them altogether).
The main issue with that is the grocery list: For a long time we had a somewhat good way of making sure we don’t lack for anything – When we see we’re running low on grocerise (bread, salt, shampoo etc) we just went to the kitchen and wrote it down in the list of what to buy on a nice notepad placed on the fridge.
This is a very good way but – what happens when you forget the list when you go shopping? What about when you remembered to take the list but some of the items weren’t available at the store? I can tell you that we usually forgot to put them back on the new list for next week.

A few months ago my fiancee found an app for our phones called Cozi, This is the first time I’ve found a software that is free and allows you to share your lists.
The application was built with family and household shared tasks in mind.
For example:

  • There is built in grocery list
  • You can share lists with family members (group members)
  • You can create your own personal list
  • You can set tasks for a specific family member (which my fiancee really enjoys by the way)

This has changed the way we handle stuff.
For the first time me and my spouse can update our grocery list everywhere we are, and use it when you find ourselves in the supermarket.
For example last time we went grocery shopping we just left the cart at one place and went to get the stuff from the list – while we collected the items we just mark them down as done – then the other person see the change immediately – so we won’t get the same stuff twice – and we don’t need to check what the other one already got – that made the shopping experience fast and more effective!

On another tasks – We found that we can make several tasks lists that suit our needs.
For example:

  • You can create tasks for a wedding (and there are predefined tasks you can get for tasks like that)
  • I’ve created “Big Purchases” for all the stuff we need to buy but need a long time to decide on a certain model or do a market survey.
  • We both have lists for our own tasks like “Get lower rates on  insurance”, “Update motorcycle license”, “Do taxes” or even stuff like “Clean the bedroom” or “Fix the kitchen tap leak”

Cozi has a simple app for phones and a web interface.
This app really changed the way I handle my household and make sure we have enough groceries and has been a great help in or organizing the tasks for our upcoming wedding.
I’m highly recommending this application.


Due Diligence – I have no business or personal relationship with Cozi or any of it’s personnel. This review came only as a service to my readers.

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