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From time to time I find myself in a need to learn some new programming language or some new program/fs/feature. Now this thing is straight forward mostly – Find a good book on the subject and sit your ass down and read all about it. But alas! Some of the program I need to work with does not have a book on them, Moreover there are some good free guides and wikis out there for programming languages and programs.
The problem with these sites is that you will need an internet connection and a browser

Some time back I’ve needed to learn about LVM and BTRFS over a weekend and found some good guides for that. Yet the guides where online and I didn’t want my tablet or laptop with for the weekend while travelling.
I thought to myself – I have a small kindle with me and it’s been faithful these past years in reading all kinds of books – What about reading Wiki/Guide with my kindle? 
Well that sounds like a nice idea – but how?

Actually the process is quite easy – bellow there are 2 different ways: how to save an entire site and how to save a single page.

Downloading a whole site

Step 1 – Download the programs we need to uses
First of all we need to download 2 programs:

  1. HTTrack – This program can download entire sites to your computer (and parse the HTML so the access to images and links will work locally)
  2. Calibre – this program will transfer the site to the EBook reader (and convert the HTML to a book format)
    Small Tip: I’ve downloaded calibre portable directly to my kindle – thus it is available when I need it on every computer I want to take a book from.

Step 2 – Download the site
After downloading the HTTrack run its GUI version (I’m assuming windows but you can use HTtraQT for linux gui) run it on the relevant site/wiki to get all the relevant pages from it.
For example downloading BTRFS Wiki
he result will be a page with index.html file.
Please notice that the wiki you are downloading is not protected by copyright! 

Step 3 – Save the site to the EBook reader
No that the entire wiki is in your computer all you need to do is run the Calibre program, The you can drag+drop the index.html to the program or press “Add books” and select the index.html

The next thing you will want to do is to change the name of the book from: “Local index – HTTrack Website Copier” to a more suitable title.

Last thing to do: Right click on the book and “Send it to device” – and voila! you have the entire wiki/howto/guide in your EBook reader!

Downloading a single page

Well – that is actually much simpler then a site, Just go to dotepub – This site will explain how to add a small link in the browser that when you click it it will download the page directly in .mobi or .epub format!
Then all you need to do is transfer the file to your EBook reader!


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