The Jungle which is Roms for Android

I’m an android guy.
I’ve started small with Samsung Galaxy S, Then Samsung Galaxy S3, and now the Nexus 4 (all are company phones). I’ve also have Motorola Xoom and a small android for my TV I’ve got at DX.

With all these devices I’ve never changed their Roms – I say “if it works and works well why tamper with it?”

Our story began about 6 months ago. My girlfriend’s Samsung Galaxy S2 had some troubles with the GPS and other stuff. She had the system update alert for the phone and I said why not update the phone – this might prove beneficial – That was a huge mistake: the phone got stuck and got bricked showing  yellow triangle and something about – phone OS is broken use Samsung KIES.

Me as a good boy downloaded it – the result: first, you should have backed it up before – second – the phone won’t be recognized under the KIES.

But wait! I did not give up. It took me the entire weekend and more than 500 posts – but eventually I’ve solved it. The solution was to re-install a Stock Rom (original one from the manufacturer or the service provider).
By the way: The phone was purchased in Thailand – although it didn’t seem to be a ripoff of the device, I haven’t seem to find this specific model anywhere.
The procedure needed:

  • Odin 3.-1.85 (The installation program)
  • Stock Rom of the device (I’ve used to get a German one).

Eventually it worked and the phone returned to working state.

Fast forward 6 months the phone started acting again.
One weekend I’ve decided to re-install it again. So I’ve sat down and decided to use all what I’ve already known and just re-install it right?
Wrong! The process didn’t work – and the phone was bricked again. So I’ve kept on trying – even managed to try a Hebrew one (which eventually was destructive beyond compare).
11 hours into the process I’ve found out that a new Odin program exists – 3.07 – So I’ve download it and tried it – It worked!
The Rom was installed and the green OK was presented in front of my eyes. I was so happy – but wait the phone didn’t get up – it just got stuck in the boot screen (the one with the Samsung logo).
I’ve started to get worried – What do I do now? I didn’t get any good answers in the web. Oh boy…

Then I’ve called a friend who done this sort of stuff and he said – Wait did you select the “Re-Partition”? I’ve said “yes – the Hebrew Rom did it.” – “Bad luck man – I have no idea how to fix that”.

I was down – Now new 300$ – 400$ is gonna be spent – I’ve said to my girl, bad luck we need to buy a new one.
But then it hit me – why don’t I search for this problem – so I did, not good. The answers were: “bad luck”, “total brick”, “go to the store”.

I was on my way out then it hit me! I remembered that the Hebrew Rom used something called a PIT file, when it was loaded the “Re-Partition” option was selected. So I’ve decided to look up for special PIT file for the Galaxy S2 – I’ve found one: omap4_all_20110627_emmc.pit
It was from the site: – But this solution didn’t work, I’ve needed Odin 3.07 instead.

After the phone was up and running – I’ve thought that I might try to use a custom Rom to better the performance and bugs (the Stock Rom’s from the service provides full of software you don’t need).
I’ve wanted to use CyanogenMod, I’ve looked it up and I’ve found this page:
With a big red and scary warning that said “IF YOU USE STOCK ROM YOU WILL DESTROY YOUR DEVICE”.

I’ve said OK leave me alone I will just use the German stock Rom thank you!

Later that weekend I’ve tried to do the same to my mother’s Galaxy Ace (the spare one – long story).
After several tries I’ve looked it up, apperantly this device needed special software called “Odin Multidownloader v.4.38 GT-S5830 + ops”, this was the only one that worked.

After this ordeal I must say – although I’m all in favor of open source and the ability to control your environment and software – This is just too much! All I wanted is a simple way to re-install my device with original manufacturer software! Why is the API (or whatever it is called in this environment) so hard and why are there so many softwares to re-install a frigging phone!
I simply want my device to be under my control – but not at the price or headache and a broken device.


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