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SELinux – Why I need it and why is it still on??

If you know CentOS or Redhat you probably familiar with SELinux.
For me the history with SELinux is simple – I know about it – I always disable it – and that’s it.
As probably most of you know there is abundant of explanations on the web on how to disable/enable/configure the selinux – So I won’t hassle you with the information.

However I would like to share a fun story about one of the engineers that tried to disable the feature to activate something and was wondering why the selinux keep starting up when he reboot the server.

In my environments for the past few years I disable the selinux via the pxe+kickstart installation or ansible, but now some of our engineers started sprouting their own centos servers in AWS for testing – and they started having several issues with configuration, Continue reading SELinux – Why I need it and why is it still on??