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How much power my PC actually take – or – Why My Electricity Bill is so HUGE??

Like most people living in this new era my house have a large amount of electronics devices and as an IT guy I have about 5 computers (Laptops, PC etc) and 3 mobile devices.

I want to ┬átell you about one device particularly – my main home server. Few years ago I bought a small server called HP Microserver – low utilization and effective as basic linux server along side a good storage server (with raid).
Like most of my computer geek friends this PC was turned on day in and day out – just like every other PC I had before I just left it on – and it didn’t matter if it actually did something or not (and yes it did nothing most of the time).

A few months ago the little server went down and wouldn’t come out. When I’ve looked into it I’ve found out that it’s Power Supply was down.
And it took me about 3 months to fix that, why? Due to the fact that this Power Supply Unit was a unique one. It fitted directly inside it’s small case and was only 120W so it was not only less costly electricity wise it was also extremely expensive.

After 3 months I’ve found a cheap solution using a regular Power Supply (the 450W very cheap ones) with some of my modification.
But what I found in these 3 months was even more interesting: Continue reading How much power my PC actually take – or – Why My Electricity Bill is so HUGE??

UEFI + GPT for windows – Why so difficult

The first time I’ve laid my eye on a server with UEFI was couple of years ago. My work place bought new IBM servers and they kept crushing down mid boot or taking a very long time to boot.
I asked myself why use this new replacment for BIOS? Why do we need it – especially back then when the UEFI was very young and not that stable.

The real reason back then (to my knowledge) was the Nehalem architecture which benefited faster boot, 2T+ hard drive support and better memory access.
As said I didn’t like it back then.

Don’t take me wrong – UEFI is the future Continue reading UEFI + GPT for windows – Why so difficult